The Development of Disposable Pipette Tips
The development of a specialized disposable pipette tip requires highly automated production lines that conduct multiple inline visual quality tests. Tecan recently received funding to develop new production lines in the United States. The funding will help the company launch these new lines in fall...
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Diamedix ANA ELISA Screen
ANA is an antibody that binds to several nuclear antigens in the body. Patients with autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, are frequently found to have antinuclear antibodies. These antibodies also increase in frequency with age and are common in apparently healthy people. Diame...
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Benefits of the HIV Test
The first in-home HIV test to be approved by the FDA is the OraQuick. Because it is based on the same test healthcare professionals have been using since 2004, it is completely private and secure. The test can tell you whether or not you have the virus within 20 minutes. It is completely painless an...
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What Is A RTK Antigen Swab Test?
The Covid-19 RTK antigen swab test is the first step in determining if you have active coronavirus infection. It involves inserting a six-inch specialised swab into your nose or throat. The swab collects the sample needed to diagnose an active infection. The samples are collected, stored in sterile ...
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A TCCD1304 Spectrometer is a Popular DIY Project
There are many CCD spectroscopy methods, but none of them is as versatile as a multichannel CCD. A TCD1304 spectrometer is a popular DIY project for a variety of applications. It uses a linear CCD, the same type used in flatbed document scanners. An STM32F401RE microcontroller on a Nu...
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Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Instruments
If you are preparing samples for a variety of experiments, an automated nucleic acid extraction instrument can greatly simplify the process. These instruments can be used to extract DNA or RNA from a wide range of samples. For example, a VERSA 10 automated viral RNA extraction workstation is ideal f...
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The Composition of a Universal Transport Medium
The primary purpose of a universal transport medium is to maintain the viability of the viral respiratory swab sample. This is crucial for the accurate identification of different influenza strains and for the proper handling of these samples. However, the composition of a VTM can also pose a signif...
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How to Prepare an ELISA Kit
For ELISA, a standardized ELISA kit is required. The antigen is not purified or diluted, and the capture and detection antibodies are incompatible. To test the antigen in a sample, the sample must be mixed with a known volume of blocking solution. This allows the samples to bind to the capture antib...
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What Are The Several Types Of Elisa?
With experimental design all the elements involved within the ELISA together with buffers, incubation time and plate type may be analyzed. The aim is to develop a fundamental working methodology by figuring out the antibody which ought to be the seize antibody and which antibody should be the detect...
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How to accurately evaluate extraction tubes?
Green Roads CBD carries many years of experience in relation to producing high quality, concentrated, pure important oils. Green Roads has been able to signal multiple contracts with reputable firms in order to produce top quality merchandise for distribution everywhere in the world. Green Roads man...
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