The Development of Disposable Pipette Tips

Posted by anna on April 20, 2022

The development of a specialized disposable pipette tip requires highly automated production lines that conduct multiple inline visual quality tests. Tecan recently received funding to develop new production lines in the United States. The funding will help the company launch these new lines in fall 2021 and further increase domestic testing capacity. The company will continue to develop and improve its pipette tip manufacturing and testing processes. Further, it will expand its distribution network in the United States.

These pipette tips are designed for universal use with most types of micropipettes on the market. However, the diameter of pipette barrels varies widely. This issue has prompted companies that focus on universal pipette tips to develop technologies to solve the problem. FlexFit technology, for example, allows the tips to fit more pipette types while ensuring accuracy. The resulting improved accuracy is essential for high-quality pipette usage.

The first consideration for selecting a pipette tip is accuracy and precision. Different pipette tips have different strengths and weaknesses. Incorrect pipette tips can result in inaccurate measurements, waste of sample or reagents, or repetitive stress injury. It is therefore essential to select a pipette tip that matches the application. It is also possible to buy a universal tip for a specific pipette model.

Designed for high-throughput pipetting applications, Tecan automation tips are compatible with TECAN Freedom EVOlyzers and other popular laboratory pipettes. These tips are manufactured to strict standards and are guaranteed to be RNase/DNase free. They can be used on a variety of applications, including drug development and proteomics. To ensure the highest possible quality, Tecan makes every tip with the highest possible purity levels.

Non-barrier pipette tips are used for many applications that are not sensitive to barrier or filter materials. For example, they are commonly used for loading agarose gels and obtaining DNA samples. They are less expensive than other types and can be found in bulk or pre-racked reloads. While the bulk tips are not sterile, they can be sterilized in an autoclave.

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Buying a Bulk Pipette

Investing in a bulk pipette is an excellent way to save money and to save time and effort. This versatile instrument is available in various sizes, including small, medium, and large. Buying a pipette in bulk means you will not need to manually fill it with tips. It also saves you the trouble of autoclaving each tip, which can be time-consuming. The design file for this device is available on Thingyverse and the DIY Bio Group. Those with 3D-printing experience can adjust the design for different pipette tip sizes and platforms.

BRAND produces their pipette tips using advanced cleanroom techniques. These pipette tips are free of any additives that interfere with biological tests. They are available in both sterile and non-sterile packaging. Their volume ranges from 0.1uL to 10mL. A typical bulk pipette includes a tip of 0.1uL, one or two mL, and a cadmium-free tip.

A volumetric pipette is a convenient option for transferring a single volume of liquid. These tools are often referred to as "bubble" pipes because they look like a bulb. The bulb on top must be manually squeezed to create a vacuum. Volumetric pipettes are very accurate, able to measure liquid amounts to four decimal places. They're ideal for transferring a liquid to a laboratory.

In addition to bulk pipete tips, CELLTREAT also offers universally fit, reusable tips for various types of pipettes. They come in resealable bags and are compatible with most types of pipettes. Plus, their smooth surfaces make them ideal for accurate pipetting. These pipettes are the perfect choice for small volume biochemical experiments. So, make sure you stock up on your pipettes in bulk.

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